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March 31 - April 1, 2006
Ni Hao (Hello)

We got off to a great start. We are here in Hong Kong, it's 11pm Saturday night. Our hotel is great, right next to the airport. Which by the way is 2 miles long--it is amazing. Our liason here (Ben) says that it has been ranked the no 1 airport for the last several years. It is easy to see why. We even have English news in our hotel room. Our first excursion was of course water--we stocked up on lots of bottled water for tonight and for our 3 hour bus ride to Guangzhou tomorrow morning. This is just a stop over until we get to the White Swan. Gracie--you know that hotel from the story we read (White Swan Express). We should meet Zoe Monday. We are very excited to say the least.

Kate--your peppermints saved me on the very long (16 + hours) plane ride. Thanks a million. We did have the exit row--tons of leg room which was really great. We also watched Walk the Line and home videos of Gracie so the time seemed to pass easily. Yeah for my Target polk-a-dot neck pillow!.

Here are a few pictures of our journey so far. Sorry this isn't longer but we really should get to bed.

Wan An (good night)

Gracie Girl--Hope you are being an extra good girl. We send you all sorts of hugs and kisses. Love you to the farthest star and back.

Love Mom and Dad