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April 3, 2006
Incredible, she actually slept through the night allowing us the first nights sleep since leaving the States.† Well needed, I was not nice to be around by the end of the day yesterday.† Zoe was so out, in fact, that when we woke up at 6:00am to get down to breakfast we had to wake her up!† Katherine wasn't so lucky in the sleep dept. After sleeping well on the plane and in Hong Kong, she didn't sleep a wink last night and was up cleaning the room at 3:00am.† It was a busy day from the get go, but started off with a nice surprise.† Zoe, who hadn't taken a bottle the entire day yesterday, didn't take one in the morning either leaving us very concerned on how we were going to get her to eat.† However, at a very nice breakfast buffet, Zoe scarfed down more eggs and porridge than I did!† She won't take a bottle but we've since learned that when it comes to solid foods she won't stop eating until you take the food away.† You'd think she hadn't been fed in if we could just get some liquids down her.† By 8am we were out the door on the bus headed through Guangzhou.† Once again, the city now on a Monday morning was chaos.† They don't believe in streetlights here and with 5 million people in the central city alone heading out the winner is the one in the largest vehicle.† It was back to the adoption center to start 3 rounds of interviews & paperwork.†† When it was all said and done, Zoe was officially ours.† Happy adoption day!† It was then off to the passport center to get photos taken for the passports.† She still hadn't had a pee yet and we were starting to wonder when that would happen.† Katherine for reason's I will never understand took her clothes off and put her over the toilet at which point she immediately went pee.† Of course one could mark this off as a rare fluke except for the fact that she did it again about 4 hours later.† I still donít' understand it...After playtime back in the room it was outside into the heat and humidity which I loved and Katherine loathed.† The pollution is thick, but today we got a nice breeze and actually were able to see some sunshine.† We bought Zoe her first stroller and she had fun going for her first walk to a couple of stores.† The salespeople here make used car salesmen look timid, and you end up spending much of your time just saying no to people walking up to you trying to get you to look at their merchandise.† We walked around the hotel a bit which is quite amazing.† Right on the Pearl River, the hotel is as nice as any hotel I've ever stayed in and that's saying something, really stunning.† Back in the room it was time for some serious play.† Zoe seems to be getting stronger every day.† Trying to stand and crawl, and sitting up better than she was yesterday.† She still likes looking at pictures of Gracie, Phaedrus, and Keala.† We found out she is ticklish today and got some real laughs before bedtime.† After eating about 3 times her weight in food today, and still not drinking a thing, she is out after Katherine rocks her to sleep.† Katherine is out as well, and it is not yet 8pm.† I'm off soon.† ZoŽís growth in only†1 day has truly been amazing; we'll see what tomorrow brings.†