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April 4, 2006
Our last full day in Chiner! Woohoo!!! I’m ready for my own bed and the company of my three brothers (though, I’m not sure how much company I’ll have once they see Sister)!  I’ve been lonely to the point of tears on more than one occasion! I’m very much ready for home!

We started off the day by going back to Shamian Island to finish up some last minute shopping! Then, we taxied back to the hotel. It wasn’t nearly as scary this time…I think I’m just used to it now because the traffic and driving weren’t any different! Then, Dad, Grandpa, and a few others went to the electronics store. They spent several hours and plenty of money there on “guy toys”. In fact, they were so caught up in their shopping, they got back only three minutes before we had to leave for the U.S. Consulate. Mom and I were a little concerned they weren’t going to make it back!

We had a “nice” long bus ride to the consulate. Once we got there, we went through a security check, much like the airport’s and sat in a waiting room for what seemed like hours. All Sophie wanted to do was walk around in her squeaky shoes! She has become so much more open to different people besides Mom and me. She’s doing well with Dad, and really likes Grandpa! And now she likes Grandma because she fed Sis lunch!  An amazing difference from a week ago! She’s quite the handful!

Anyhow, after much waiting, Mom and Dad took an oath with fifty-some families saying that all information on their paperwork is correct. Then, we received Sophie’s visa to leave China! It was such a short ceremony for such a long wait! But maybe that’s just my impatient side coming out!

We came back to the hotel, and Mom, Grandma, Sister, and I went shopping again. Shoes and a teething toy for Sophie and gifts for me to give! I had such a hard time resisting the temptation to by more jewelry for myself!!! Luckily, Mom was there playing Warden and resisted for me (she needed more money for Sophie’s things!)! While in one of the shops, a store clerk taught Sophie how to meow like a cat. It’s so cute!!! She’s pretty good at it!

Next on the agenda was dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the hotel. The best Chinese meal I’ve eaten! I had barbequed pork and white rice! The pork was excellent. We also had good tea! Wild Ginseng! Dad and I were drinking it like shots, seeing how fast the waitress could refill our glasses! We had a Chinese girl standing next to our table nearly the entire time making more tea for us! She’s very quick at it! I think I drank the most out of everyone, but they were little glasses!

When mom and I got up to leave, Dad made a funny comment while Grandma was taking a drink! We had already gone, apparently, she was unable to breath because she sucked something down her windpipe! So Daddy went over and gave her the Heimlich! The last day in Chiner and we almost lose Grandma over a cup of tea! Who would have thought tea was dangerous….or maybe it’s Dad! I’m not entirely sure!!!

Well, anyways, it’s been a fun, emotional, amazing trip, and it’s now coming to a close. We leave the hotel for the airport at 5:45 tomorrow morning! Then, it’s about a nineteen hour  trip home, fifteen of which are spent on a plane! I’m not quite looking forward to that part! But I’m ready to be home again! And I’m sure you all are ready to see my little sister, Sophie Ann Fuqing Lyman! She’s one amazing, beautiful, bright little girl and I know you will all love her just as much as I do! See you very soon!

Love Always-
Lindsey Kae

Yes, it’s me again.  Did you miss me?  I thought so.  Welcome to my neighborhood!

This morning, we went back to the island of slow and torturous death for more shopping.  Beth, Mom and Lindsey “needed” a few more things to make the distribution of my wealth more complete.  The Chinese economy here is Guangzhou must see quite the boon from the tourobabies (that’s my new word for foreign nationals adopting).  We were only there for about one and a half hours, so we got out early, hit the hotel, left the women folk and dad, Palmer Muntz and I went to the Tienahh Electronics Street.  WHOOOBOY,   what a dangerous place.  I have to apologize to my friends back home, I should have called and gone shopping for you. Prices were great on both brand name and knock off technology.  You could buy DVD’s for about $1.50, memory sticks starting at $4.00 for a one Gig on up to $125 for a 120GB external USB drive… Folks, if your coming to Guangzhou, forget the swords, the silk, etc… go to the “toy” stores.  3 6 story buildings with about 500 stores each.  I don’t know why I wasted time sleeping, or wasted money eating!

After we almost missed the Consulate trip (Beth was less than pleased), we headed out for our last in country stop for Xue Fuqing (Schway Foo Ching), before we leave the country.  After the swearing in, we gathered our VERY IMPORTANT paperwork, headed back home and celebrated with a great dinner complete with Ginseng Tea, and a floor show by Mom and I demonstrating the Heimlich maneuver to the international crowd in the restaurant.   Glad that she is OK and we didn’t lose her!

At the end of dinner, we packed  our bags and got them ready to go. Bell boys collected them at 9:00 pm and promised we will see them at the airport…. I will write about that tomorrow night.

It is kind of sad to be at the end of the trip. I have enjoyed the friendship, fellowship and fun times with Beth’s folks and our new friends.   I have witnessed the grandest thing outside of my own bio children being born, and have shared in a very intimate time as these families experienced the highs and lows of being instant parents.   God has treated us all very well and much better than I deserve.  He has blessed my family with a precious girl, who fits the Lyman mold in a perfect fit.   I know that we have 19 hours of travel ahead of us tomorrow, so I must close.   But before I go, I must thank publicly our Guides from America World Adoption Association.  Sherry, and Amy were Fantastic host in Beijing, Wuhan and here in Guangzhou. Liniker was a great help and very good with logistics and moving folks around.  Mandy, our first guide in Beijing will also be a good asset to AWAA in the future, and I cannot forget Christina, the local guide in Wuhan. They were great staff and will be remembered fondly.  The folks at AWAA should be proud of their in country staff!   Thanks for the first class organization Brian and Renee’!

Now it is bed time.  You shall only see a couple of more post.  They should prove to be quite interesting as they will give a blow by blow of the family meeting Sophie, so tune in again soon.

Good night,  Paul
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