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March 31, 2006
If the 23rd and 24th (our travel days) were endless, today was an eternity! Everyone but Sophie was completely bored to tears. We had plans to leave Wuhan at 2:30, but till then, we were on our own and we had no one to plan how to pass the time. We had breakfast at 8:00, went up to the room, Sophie napped. Dad and I walked over to the Carefore (A Chinese Wal-Mart). We were looking for a power converter because we broke ours (to whom it may concern, sorry about that; we will replace it for you!!!) the first or second day we were here! Unfortunately we were unable to obtain such a tool. Ergo, we were forced to settle for Chinese Skittles, Coke, a Snickers bar, and water. A just trade, I think!

On the walk back we saw a booth selling Mabeline New York makeup and they had dancing girls. Unfortunately for them, if they were trying to sell their product by attracting customers with the dancers, I don’t think it was entirely effective. The crowd they drew in was, for the most part, boys. Imagine that! We also saw a beggar man laying on a board on the sidewalk, covered with a blanket. It was so sad. He looked so thin and sick. I was sad for him.

Dad and I have mastered crossing the streets of Chiner. All you have to do is just go. You can’t really hesitate to think about it or you will NEVER get across! As long as Dad’s with me, I think I can handle it!

We got back to the hotel and sat in our room, and sat, and sat, then I took Sophie on a walk down the halls. Then we went back to the room and sat some more! Time passed so slowly!

Finally, it was time to leave Wuhan. An hour long bus ride got us to the Airport. We boarded the plane and at 5:30 we took off….leaving Sophie’s birth province behind. I’m afraid I’m still not quite used to the feel of take-offs yet!!! But other than that, it was a good flight. Well, the landing was kind rough, but it was okay. Sophie didn’t seem to mind at all, except that she had to sit for so long! She got kind of silly after a while. I would take the top of her bottle and shoot it at her and she would laugh and laugh. Sophie’s personality comes out more and more each day. She really knows how to play it up for the camera! She’s really living up to her Chinese name, Qing, which means “Sunshine” or “Sunny Day”. She’s just about the sweetest little thing ever. The Gordon’s baby, Myah, and the Morgan’s baby, Brenna, and the Muntz’s baby, Melody Joy, vie for a close second. J Okay, so I’m a little biased. We also found out if you blow bubbles with your gum and suck it back in real quick, Sophie thinks it’s just hilarious. She’s incredible.

When we got to the hotel (which is so much nicer than the other two we’ve stayed in! I actually feel safe walking around barefoot!!!), the Muntz family with Melody Joy and hot, very humid weather was waiting for us. The weather parallels with that of Louisiana and Mississippi (I don’t know first hand, of course, as I have never been to either place. That information is second hand from my parents. Would that be considered gossip, as it meets the correct criteria for it?). She and Sophie had a little play time together. When I tried playing with Melody Joy, Sophie got really jealous and pulled my hair. She’s pretty strong willed!

We were all tired and tucked into bed. Our long day ended in Guangzhou! More later!
Miss ya’ll lots !
Lindsey Kae

Yes, we are here. As a veteran of both Louisiana and Mississippi, I can say that the weather is very much the same…. It is very humid and hot. We have a great hotel. It rivals anything I have stayed in during my travels in Middle East, Europe, USA, or South America. (Ok, to qualify that, most places I have stayed in were courtesy of the US Air Force, and while we travel in great luxury compared to our Army and Marine Brethren, they were never 5 star hotels), and I never had a porter deliver my luggage, although as an Airman First Class, I did carry other peoples luggage! We are at the China Marriott, which is downtown Guangzhou, while most folks who travel here for adoption go to Shaiman Island and stay at the White Swan Hotel. I don’t feel like I am missing much, we are pretty pampered here.

The Flight was pretty fun. I was worried about how Sophie would handle it, but she was a trooper. We waited for about an hour in the airport before our hour and a half long flight, so she was pretty tired of it by the time we got here. Lindsey did quite well at entertaining her for most of the flight and Beth was a very patient mom and she fed Sophie, Chinese noodles in a beef sauce for the in flight meal. Noodle and Sophie’s are a natural, as is the accompanying mess, so I was slightly worried about how Beth, Sophie and I would look after noodles were served…. But it was fine, Sophie proved she can suck noodles through little puckered fish lips at 35, 000 feet just as well as she can at sea level.

A highlight of getting here to Guangzhou is meeting up with the rest of our group. We were anxious to meet our good friends the Muntz family and see what baby God had blessed them with. It will be amazing to see how each family looks now that they have their babies! As Lindsey so aptly related, this has been a day of dragging clocks and tired bodies. This is it till next time. On Monday you will be treated to a post almost entirely penned by me, (Lindsey is claiming that the weekend is not the work week!), so until then, God Bless, God Speed, and may the Lord Keep you till we meet again. -
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