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March 28, 2006
First full day with baby Sophie! She woke up at 6:30, had some congee, eggs, fruit, and donuts for breakfast! She is doing really well with solid foods and doesn’t seem to care much for mashed baby foods! She really liked the pizza crusts tonight! :D

After breakfast we went up to the conference room to meet with the orphanage directors. While we were waiting our turn, Sophie got to play with Kevin and Jennifer Gordon’s little baby, Myah. It was so sweet. They gave each other hugs and looked at each other and smiled. Both little girls are so precious! When our turn came, Mom and Dad had to answer questions like who will take care of her and had to promise not to abandon her! Then they got her foot print….she has big feet!

After the meeting, we went to lunch at a nice Chinese restaurant. Good rice! Oh, and excellent watermelon! Sophie slept all through lunch….about an hour and a half nap! We then got to go to the Chinese Wal-Mart….that was interesting! Especially the sea food isle. There were a bunch of big tanks filled with huge, ugly fish and tub with big, ten pound bull frogs. They also had a tub of turtles and some eels. It was different!

We did get some good, American brand snacks like oreos, lays chips and coke! Mmmm…..good stuff! And then we had pizza for dinner! I was more than satisfied. I miss American food soooooooo much!

Dad got the first scolding for not dressing Sophie in enough clothes. A lady pulled up the edge of Sophie’s pant leg to count the layers (which, that was the only layer of pants!). We wrapped her in her blanket after that.

We got back to the hotel at around 4:30ish. I played with Sophie for a while. She really likes stacking cups and her noise-making cell phone. She knows what phones are for! She’ll hold it up to her ear and “talk” to it! She’s adorable! She also really likes to mimic people. If you hold your hand out and turn it in a circle, she’ll do the same thing. Or if you wave at her, or shake your head or rock back and forth, or even make certain sounds, she’ll copy you….so sweet! It’s so much fun to play with her and practice “mothering”. I want one! ;)

After a while, we gave her another nap. Once she was asleep, everyone else took a nap with her! That girl is wearing me out!!! She definitely a go-getter and always on the move! And of course, even in her cranky and grouchy moments (like right now) she continues to be a blessing! God sure knew what he was doing when he gave her to us!

Anyways, after her nap, we played with her stacking cups and phone some more! Then we had pizza. It was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it! So did Sophie….we gave her a little cheese and some soft parts of the crust!

After dinner, Daddy and Grandpa went out for a little while. I think they went to the hotel lounge. Sounded like there was some interesting things going on down there, but Dad would have to tell you cuz I know nothing about it. While they were out, I took Sophie up to the play room on the twelfth floor. Well, its not really a play room. Just a bunch of toys in the hallway by the elevators. But she really liked playing there. Especially playing with the rubber ball! Mom came and played for a while, then little girl had a little problem so we had to go back to our room to fix it! When we got to our door, mom tried to swipe the key card, it didn’t work! So mom pulled on the door knob a little and it came right off in her hand! She then realized she had grabbed the key card Dad had accidentally taken from the Raddison in Beijing! So we had to knock on Grandma’s room to get back into ours.

Once we changed her diaper, Sophie and I headed back upstairs. We had to ride in an elevator with a bunch of Chinese people. It was just a little awkward being the only white person in the elevator. A man and woman started talking to Sophie in Chinese, then he told me she is a beautiful girl. I said yes, she is….then I go off the elevator….we played a little while, then I took her down to the lobby to listen to the piano player. Sophie really likes to listen to it! She just smiled and smiled! She’s so beautiful! When we got back in the elevator, we rode up with an older man. He talked to her in some other language, not Chinese or English. I couldn’t really tell what it was. It seems like everyone thinks she is a beautiful baby (which she is!!!)!

Now she’s asleep in bed….very worn out! So am I….well, I’m worn out….not in bed…..but I would like to be in bed, so I’m going to wrap this up! Have to have a little energy for sight-seeing in Wuhan and more playing with my gorgeous baby sis! We miss you all so much! Can’t wait for you to meet this wonderful little girl! She’s amazing….just what this family needed! I know you’ll all love her to! Talk to ya’ll later!

Lindsey Kae

From the parental perspective (This is now Paul here…), Lindsey did an excellent job of summing up our days activities. It was a full day, even though we were back to the hotel by 2:30. Last night, with the exception of getting caught in the crib bars, Sophie did an excellent job of sleeping from 10 pm to 6:30 this morning. It was a well needed sleep by us all. Thank You Sophie!

Now some of you observant ones out there may have noticed in earlier posts that we are using the name Fuqing instead of just Qing as part of her name. Let me explain, and save the questions from later. Our Guide from AWAA, Sherry, shares the same name as our little Sophie. Fuqing. She explained the difference between her name and Sophies…

The Chinese language as a whole is just as complicated if not more than English. In fact, as an example, she said there were about 13 different meanings to Fuqing. The difference is not in the annunciation, but rather the character that is written. Our Sophie’s name, Fuqing means happy or lucky. Sherry’s Fuqing means nice (I think that is what she said), but you could also speak the word fuqing and call someone a Piano…. So, don’t despair if you struggle with English, at least our names are relatively constant in meaning.

Sophie continues to grow more at ease with the family here. I have great expectations of when she meets the rest of you… Travis, you will make her laugh while I know Jordan will be possessive of her, and Tyler and Ana will have marital problems caused by who gets to hold her next… I can’t wait to watch. She enjoys the whole group when rested, but when she is tired, it is hard to buy a smile… She is not much for small talk or cutesy little sayings, tickling or things that could be construed as harassment when not well rested. Time will tell and also help her to season to this quirky family God has entrusted her too.

I will end this now, but will leave you with anticipation of tomorrow’s post… Lindsey will give highlights of the day, but I will be adding my own commentary on Chinese cuisine. Nothing bad, just my perspective. I feel I need to give some clarification to the culinary spectacle you might encounter next time YOU travel to China.

Good Night, God Bless,
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