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Home Update -
Our Starr is Shining Bright
It has been almost six weeks since we arrived home but it already feels like Katie Starr has been with us forever.

When we first arrived home Marc had to begin working immediately. He owns an entertainment company and he had substituted others in his absence. Now that he was back from China his clients wanted him and only him. This was difficult for Marc as he just wanted to continue to bond with Katie. He missed her so much. It was also hard for me as I had to get into a routine on my own. I had forgotten how much work an active toddler is. First of all, my son is 21 years old so it had certainly been awhile and secondly he was not what I would have ever called an active toddler. He was just plain ol' easy and now I am getting the yin for his yang. Katie is non stop locomotion. The first few days she was still in what I would call a state of shock due to the upheaval in her life. On or about day 3 or 4 she came to life and now there has been no rest for the weary. Justin is back living at home after graduating from the University of Florida so has been a huge help to me.

Katie is like a little explorer, constantly looking for something new to get into. We were not entirely ready for a child that would be walking with no assistance. Child proofing was finished immediately upon our return. Of course the word "No" is like a game to her. I must have wagged my finger at her the first time that I said the word "NO," so now whenever she is doing something that she should not be doing she loves to wag her finger at us while she is doing it..OH BOY!!

Katie is such a loving little girl and as our son says each day "she makes our days bright with her smiles and laughter." We are truly blessed.

Since we have been home Katie Starr has made fans of all of our family and friends. It seems that many people have a special place in their heart for our precious girl. Katie was able to meet many of them at an open house that we hosted to welcome her home as well as to congratulate our son, Justin, on his college graduation. She was truly the bell of the ball. We were so thrilled that my sister Jane and her family were able to come from Virginia to meet Katie. Then, on the one month anniversary of her adoption we attended our local FCC Social Dinner where I was able to introduce her to the many families that have supported us throughout the entire process. That was a dream come true.

We have finally gotten into a routine of sorts which has been awesome for Katie's acclimation to her new life. She is become more attached to us each day. It really is an ongoing process as you cannot expect a child who was in an orphanage for 4 months and then in the home of a loving foster family for 9 months to just attach like nothing or no one existed before. We do know in our hearts though that by handling it as the experts advise and by loving her with all of hearts she will trust that we will love her and be there for her forever. That is the promise that we made to her and on that we will never waiver.

I would like to shout out to the world that this truly was the journey of a lifetime. The journey to the daughter that Marc and I desired so very much. We could not love her any more if she had been born to us. The love that we feel for her and Justin is truly the same. I always wondered if it would be and I am here to tell you that it is. I sincerely hope that her birth family and foster family will know peace in their hearts and that somehow they know that Katie Starr will be blessed with unconditional love the rest of her life. We definitely plan to send updated photos and information to her foster family and orphanage

Let me conclude this journal by saying that if our story or any of the others that you may have read have tugged at your heartstrings please consider the option of adoption. There are so many children that need the love of a family and once you add to your family this way you will be forever changed in the best way possible. We are so lucky and you can be too.

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Lori, Marc, Justin and Katie Starr
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