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Marc, Lori, Justin and Katie Starr!
May 9 - 11, 2006
What happened to May 10th?
This first installment of our 2 day travel odyssey is being written 35000 feet in the air off the coast of Siberia where the GPS tells us that we are in headwinds of 147 MPH and -27 degrees outside. That’s nothing compared to the 80 below zero it was over the Bering Sea. It feels quite turbulent right now. It was very smooth sailing up until this period. We also just crossed the international dateline so May 10th never existed for us.

We began our journey to Katie Starr at 4am on the 9th and flew from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles where we had a lay over of 14 hours until we took off again for the 15 hour flight to Guangzhou, China. Our good friends, Lisa and Kris came to the hotel room that we took for the day and toured us around LA, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Justin had never been to LA before so he enjoyed the day very much as did we. Thank you Lisa and Kris so much for showing us such a wonderful time!!

I will post again as soon as we reach Beijing…..

Well, we are here and we just cannot express the range of emotions that we have felt being here. We reached Guangzhou at 6:00am and the tears flowed as I was overcome by the thought that we were finally in the country where our daughter is. Once we collected ourselves and our belongings from the plane we navigated ourselves to our connecting flight to Beijing later in the AM. This was no small feat as the airport in Guangzhou is enormous and we had a few obstacles to overcome with a large language barrier. We did get where we needed to be though and reached Beijing. Our guide, Veronica picked us up at the airport and has begun to show us the ropes and later tonight we will meet some of our travel mates for dinner. We are pretty exhausted or I should say that Justin and I are exhausted as Marc slept with no problem on the flights. The man could sleep on a rock; he is so exasperating. Justin and I on the other hand hardly slept so we are fading fast; in fact he has already crashed. I have only enclosed 4 pictures with my journal today so I will enclose a few more tomorrow.

To our family and good friends; we love you and miss you very much. We cannot wait to get our Katie Starr and bring her home to all of the love that awaits her!
Sure hope we didn't forget anything!
And they are at the gate......
15 hours and only 2 English Speaking Channels on our TV
A View from our hotel room