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May 24, 2006
Our final day of travel was probably the toughest of the entire two weeks.  We were so excited and eager to see our family and friends in the airport that we were basically jumping out of our skin on the 5 hour flight from Los Angeles to Ft. Lauderdale.  As we descended into the Fort Lauderdale area there was a bad storm in the area so the Pilot made a decision to do a very quick final approach to the airport as to beat the storm in.  He descended so quickly that it caused a great deal of ear pressure to quite a few people on the plane and it burst Justin's eardrum.  Justin has had so many problems with his ears over the years and this had happened before.  My son was in such pain at the moment that he should have been filled with happiness.

We came off the plane to the most wonderful greeting in the airport.  There were many family and friends there with signs, decorations and noise makers waiting to catch a glimpse of our precious girl.  Katie Starr took it all in stride.  I on the other hand was quite overwhelmed by the sight of our loved ones.  I also was truly grateful to be home safely with our family.

We will update in about 2 weeks or so to let you know of Katie's progress.  I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our parents who have been there for us from the start.  My sister, Jane who I love with all of my heart and who will be with us in two weeks to meet her new niece.  To Kira, Elaine and Shannon as well as their families who have been there for us through thick and thin.

To our FCC-South Florida family who have bolstered us during the long wait, complications as well as travel.

To our friends and extended family -- thank you for all of your well wishes.  A special thank you to Marc's Aunt Shirley who has taken a special interest in our Katie Starr from the start.

Thank you to Tina who owns The Story of You.  You have been a friend since the day that we first corresponded and your support was awesome through the entire trip.  The Story of You was a lifeline for our family and friends each day and Tina is the reason that this site is the most popular one in the adoption community.

Our greatest thanks goes to The Peoples Republic of China for giving us the opportunity to love and nurture one of their children.  We will never forget our trip to China as well as the wonderful people that we met there including our guide Veronica whom we adore.  We will always find a way to weave the traditions of her cultural heritage into her life and will one day return to Lanzhou with her so that she can know from where she came.  Marc, Justin and myself feel that we had the trip of a lifetime and that we received a gift we will be forever grateful for.

Goodbye for now and if you would like further updates you can always get them on our
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family with
We were overwhelmed with emotion
A little smile for the crowd
Meeting Papa and Kira
Do you prefer the bow on daddy or daughter?
Justin happy to be at home with his sister
Katie Starr's new best friend Mia P. Mia will
show her the ropes as she has been home for
over a month already.