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May 23, 2006
The Day that turned into Two
When I left off yesterday; we were still in China and not quite sure if Katie should get on a plane due to her bronchial condition and our doctor advising us not to fly unless cleared by a physician locally. We went to an International Medical Clinic that was recommended both by an International Adoption Doctor that had checked Katie's referral information out for us and by our guide, Veronica. They were absolutely wonderful there. The Doctor that saw us was British and it was very good to be able to communicate effectively with her about Katie's condition. I did not have as good of a feeling about the Doctor at The White Swan. For anyone traveling in the future; the clinic is in the garden Hotel in Guangzhou.

The doctor was concerned enough about our impending departure that she ordered a chest x-ray as well as blood work. She told me up front she was being conservative and that they were more expensive than the local Doctors but I felt very comfortable with them. The x-ray showed some markings in the lung but not pneumonia. The blood work showed that the infection was viral. The Doctor felt that having a nebulizer treatment and sending me on my way with a bronchial inhaler in case of emergency on the plane would be prudent. She cleared Katie to fly....halleluiah!! Then it was a mad dash back to the hotel to finish packing and leave for the US Consulate for the swearing in. The swearing in was one line with your hand held up. A little anti-climatic but we were nonetheless overcome with emotion for Katie and her Wuwei and Zhangye sisters.

We said our good-byes to our travel mates who we feel quite close to and then Veronica took us and two other families to the airport for our flight out that evening. We were all on the same flight. After checking in we said a grateful thank you and good-bye to Veronica, our Great Wall Guide. I cried when we parted as this woman was truly such a special being. She comforted Katie and us while Katie was ill and also while she was grieving for the loss of her foster family. She was there in every and any way she could be for us throughout our entire trip. I will miss her greatly. Also, as a side note to the many families who contacted me to give their good wishes and family updates to Veronica; I did just that. She was very happy to hear such great news from all of you.

We flew out at 9:00 PM on the 23rd from Guangzhou and got to LA 13 hours later on the same day at 7:00 PM - 3 hours earlier - oh that international dateline again. We had bulkhead and Katie slept for 10 of the 13 hours on the plane. Two hours in the bassinet and 8 hours draped over me. Marc slept his usual 10 hours as well. Justin slept a little and I did not sleep at all. Now I am writing this at 6:00 am after waking at 1:00 and getting 2 hours of sleep in the hotel room. I guess in time it will all straighten out. Katie was a trooper and had no trouble on the plane...thank goodness. She then touched ground and became a US Citizen when we arrived.

We are leaving Los Angeles at 11:00 am this morning and will arrive in Fort Lauderdale at 6:50 this evening into the loving arms of friends and family. I will update on the tomorrow. I will end this post by saying that it is wonderful to back in the United States of America. We loved China and had the time of our life there while adoption our precious daughter but there is no place like home.
Katie Starr getting ready to be sworn in
On the road again
Katie in tears as she touches ground in Los Angeles