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May 19, 2006
Breaking Point
This post is going to be short and sweet. We woke up this Morning to a Katie that was besides herself crying. It became apparent to us after about an hour that she was pretty sick. We had to leave our hotel at 9:30 AM for Guangzhou so we would have to take care of her there. I had already put her on antibiotics because I saw what was brewing so all there was to do was to start the Motrin full force.

When we got to the airport she was burning up with fever. We did all that we could to keep her comfortable. As we began to board the plane they stopped us to send us back to our seats as there was mechanical issues with the plane. Unfortunately, we had to then spend the next seven hours in Lanzhou airport. Sixteen families with their babies and our Katie was ill. After about two hours they let us use the first class lounge much to the chagrin of the real first class passengers. Sixteen fussy and crying babies with no place to lie down or be comfortable. Many of our group members ran out of supplies in their carry on as we were supposed to be on a 2.5 hour flight and this was turning into an all day into the night fiasco. Thankfully we had planned for just such a fiasco so we were able to share supplies with some families. Finally, after seven hours they fixed the plane and we took off from the top of an 10,000 foot mountain plateau (yikes). We then proceeded on a rollercoaster ride that they called a flight - lots of crying babies!! Katie was a trooper and her fever had broken. We just arrived at our room and it is 11:00 at night. We are ordering room service and calling it a day...a bad day!

P.S. When we got on the flight, China Southern gave us compensation in hand to the tune of 100 yuan...about 12.50 US dollars...LOL

Tomorrow should be a better day I am sure. We are only enclosing a couple of pictures today due to our little debacle.
Katie hanging with daddy in the 1st class lounge
Smiling Katie - what a trooper