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May 18, 2006
Our Last Full Day in Lanzhou
Well after five days in province we are ready to move on. The people as well as the city and surrounding areas are beautiful but we are starting to get the itch to get o our next location. The downside to this city is that we are at a very high altitude and in the valley surrounded by mountains. It is just like Mexico City and even more polluted. Now, Katie, Marc and I are feeling funky. Marc and Katie are on antibiotics and I am still holding out to feel better. You can only really go out and explore in the morning as by the afternoon the air quality is too bad to leave the hotel with the baby.

This morning we went to a local museum to learn more about Lanzhou and Gansu. This is a very strategic location as it is equidistant to all other parts of China and the Silk Road goes through the entire province.

While we were at the museum we came upon many different groups of school children. They all were exited to see us and as they walked by yelled out Hello in English. They were giggling and waving and it was such fun to interact with them. As the last group walked in the museum, Marc remembered that we had brought postcards from home of Florida and some local sights. He gave one child a postcard and within 5 seconds there were dozens of school children flocking and asking for post cards. We gave them all away. Then on their way out one child walked up to Justin and me to ask for our autograph by putting an autograph book in front of us and saying signůsign!! We complied with a giggle and all of the sudden out of nowhere the kids were pushing and shoving to get our autographs. It was a hoot!! Our group is now calling Justin and me, Brad and Angelina.

The rest of the day was spent quietly with the babies playing in the hallway and the parents' just chilling out. As we had our dinner tonight it sounded like an episode of Survivor as the discussion turned to what we would eat when we got home.

Katie is continuing to take baby steps in the right direction. There are still issues with some grief that we are dealing with and they seem to be triggered by our hotel room as it is where she woke up to find that her foster parents were gone. We have received additional information about them and it seems that they wanted to adopt her but they already had one child and could not. We received our disposable camera back with pictures of Katie with their family and she looked much loved. They also answered questions that we had sent them in our care package that gave us info about her daily life. I think about them a great deal and hope that they find peace as I hope that her birth parents have as well. Marc and I have been given the greatest gift there is in life and we will always do our best to live up to the responsibility of it.

Tonight we are packing up and tomorrow we take a flight out to Guangzhou and our final destination in China before we get to come home.
A very happy baby this morning
Katie in a doo rag
Justin Pitt and Lori Jolie signing autographs for their fans
Hello, anyone there?
Love that cute grin
Marc putting on the Gansu Princess's shoes
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