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May 16, 2006
A Conflicting Day of Emotions
Today was a very tough day and a very good day. It all started at the local department store. Our guide, Veronica explained that since Lanzhou does not do very many international adoptions that we would be quite the spectacle and boy was she right. From the moment we stepped off of the bus we were followed and circled by people curious about us and our Chinese babies. Veronica had made us lanyards to hang a message around our necks explaining to the people who asked us. The people we lovely and generally very positive about us and why we were there. We purchased a stroller for 17.00 as my back is aching from me being the only person that Katie allows to hold her. We also purchased a few other things that we needed including some formula and diapers from the grocery in the basement level of the 5 story department store. At the end of the shopping expedition we were waiting for our group to convene in a prearranged location. I was feeding Katie and I looked up to find us surrounded by a group of people just watching us. I feel like a movie star.

As far as Miss Katie Starr goes it has been very tough on her. She cries for long periods of time, sometimes looks sadder that I thought was possible and periodically shows us her playful happy side. Her whole life has been ripped away from her and my heart breaks over and over again watching her pain.

Tonight brought us a great deal of hope though. We were taken to a famous Tibetan Restaurant in the area for dinner and a show. Katie allowed her daddy to hold her and feed her. She was in very good form in the restaurant and was very happy to interact with us and keep good eye contact. The real fun began...The performers started singing and dancing and Katie really enjoyed it. She was clapping and moving to the music. Then we started a circle dance and she loved it. The girl turned into a ham and stole the show. Her daddy was holding her during all of this and when he put her down she started to dance on her own. Everyone loved watching her but most of all Marc was glowing. I have never seen him look happier. I can only imagine what the days to come will bring but I do know one thing; Katie will love her daddy like we all do and this will be a distant memory in no time.

Tomorrow we are off to the park and hopefully some sunshine and fun......
On our way to our first shopping expedition
Sad and reflective Katie
Brother and sister sharing a couple of fries at KFC
Happy daddy with baby at the Tibetan Restaurant
Family fun
A performer from the Tibetan Restaurant
who took a shine to Katie