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Marc, Lori, Justin and Katie Starr!
May 14, 2006
We have our baby girl!!
Today was so mind blowing that I am beyond exhausted but I will share a few thoughts on this wonderful Mother's day. The day that we received our Katie Starr.

We flew into Langzhou in Gansu Province and arrived at the hotel at 2:15 PM. We had to hurry to the store to get a few supplies before the babies arrived from the orphanage, which was almost a 4 hour drive. We were told to be in the meeting room of the hotel at 3:00 and when we arrived the babies were already there. I saw Katie from afar and knew immediately it was her. She even had the stuffed baby doll that we sent her. The families were full of excitement and the babies were called one by one. When they got to Katie and brought her in the room she looked at Marc and I through droopy eyes from exhaustion and conked out. The whole room began to laugh at this site but I felt worried because I knew that when she woke up to us and there was no foster mama or baba that she would be very upset. I was right about that. The foster parents brought her with the director of the orphanage and they were so sad to leave her. The daughter of the foster family was inconsolable. I felt heartbroken to see that and on the other hand very happy that she had been loved so much. They were speaking to us non stop which we got on video and they wanted to take pictures with us.

Once we got back to the room and Katie woke up she looked totally perplexed and just stared at us for close to 15 minutes while we soothed her and spoke to her. Then she lost it and for the next hour or more was inconsolable. Since then, there has been some heartbreaking periods as well as playful periods. She is mostly attached to me right now but that can change in a moments notice so we will see how it plays out. Our Gansu Princess just went to sleep; hopefully for the night and we look forward to see what tomorrow brings. Marc is over the moon for his daughter and Justin just adores her. I am not captioning the photos as they are pretty self explanatory. The couple in the picture with us is Katie's foster parents.

We send our love to our family and friends this mothers day. May you all be as happy as I am this Mother's Day.