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May 13, 2006
An Amazing Day!
Today was the final touring day in Beijing before we head to Province to get our baby. We woke up early; or should I say I woke up at 3:30 am again after tossing and turning all night. What a weird state my body is in due to the jet lag and the temperature of the hotel room. I am hoping for a better night sleep tonight as we seemed to have the AC problems worked out and I am utterly exhausted from our tour today. Marc and Justin heard me up and they were sweet enough to stay up with me.

Our tour began at Tiananmen Square and then it went on to the Forbidden city. Our guide, Veronica is so knowledgeable as was able to give us wonderful insights as well as personal anecdotes to bring it all into focus. When we first pulled up we were chased by people selling all kinds of souvenirs. It was amazing to have as many people approach us as did. Marc quickly taught me how to say no firmly in Chinese and that worked well. The next thing that struck me was the huge never ending line of people that waits to see Mao's Tomb. We then entered the Forbidden City which I never pictures to be as massive as it is. It seemed to go on forever. The weather was quite wonderful today so it was enjoyable to be out there and soaking in all of this information as well as the sun.

We left there and went to lunch at an Authentic Chinese Restaurant. One of our travel mates tried to talk Justin into trying the Cod with head still attached. Justin did not bite :) We had a lot of fun pushing the lazy Susan around with all of the food and taking samples of most everything. Marc was quite adventurous as always. I did quite fine with a Spicy Chicken dish, bak choy and rolled bean curd. It was all quite good. Attached to the restaurant was a Cloisonné Factory and Friendship store. We did a bit of shopping for family and Friends and then left to conquer the Great Wall.

And conquer it Marc did. He reached the Hero level and above. Justin went about halfway up to that level and I decided the first tower was my limit as I wanted to be in good form for Gotcha day. We paused on the wall to attach our lock to the chain of locks that exist on the wall. This symbolizes locking our love together forever. The three of us did that. It was a truly momentous day as Marc reached his dream of climbing The Great Wall of China. Justin and I shared a moment together that we will never forget. It truly is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Tonight we have to pack up and we have to prepare a few things for Gotcha day tomorrow. We will fly to Lanzhou, Gansu and receive Katie Starr at 3PM. Stay tuned.......
In front of the Hall of the people and War Memorial
In front of the Forbidden City
Making friends and influencing people
at Starbucks in the Forbidden City
Lunch anyone?
Locking our love at the great Wall
View from Marc walking down the Great Wall.